What are the Ingridients of Egyptian Magic Cream?

  • Olive Oil
  • Beeswax
  • Honey
  • Propolis
  • Bee Pollen
  • Royal Jelly

Who is the Leading Distributor of Egyptian Magic Cream?

  • Mercury
  • Generika
  • Watson
  • SouthStar – drug
  • Carlos Drug in Quezon
  • Lazada
  • AsianSkymall
  • Asian Massage

Where do I Buy Product ?

  • Mercury
  • Generika
  • Watson
  • SouthStar – drug
  • Carlos Drug in Quezon
  • Lazada
  • AsianSkymall
  • Asian Massage

Where the product originated?

What are the benifits of Egyptian Magic Cream?

What is the history of the product?

What is Egyptian Magic Cream?

A few uses of Egyptian Magic Cream include the following:

  • It can be used to treat eczema, skin rashes, sore skin, and psoriasis
  • It is an effective moisturiser and can be used to repair dry and rough skin
  • It can be applied all over the body and provides nourishment
  • It is a good anti-aging product
  • It soothes dry skin and can also be used as a massage cream
  • It can be used as a facial and skin care product
  • It helps to soften nails and cuticles
  • It can be used to reduce the scars and spots on the skin
  • It can be applied on insect bites
  • It can be used to smoothen dry hai

One of the latest and the most talked about products in the beauty industry is the Egyptian magic cream. It is a natural, multi-purpose skin cream that can be used to treat several skin conditions such as eczema, skin rashes, dry skin etc. It has become very popular and has gained many fans because of the fact that it is made of 100% natural ingredients and has remarkable healing powers. Because of its overwhelming popularity, this amazing product is being used widely in the health care industry by dermatologists, medical professionals and plastic surgeons.

What used to be a tightly guarded beauty secret among Hollywood celebrities is fast gaining popularity through internet forums and social networking websites. The Egyptian Magic Cream, said to be used since the time of ancient Egyptian Pharaohs, is the latest beauty craze as its seemingly endless health and beauty benefits continue to amaze both experts and users alike.
The mystique and growing fame of Egyptian Magic Cream can be attributed to Hollywood celebrities like Madonna, Oprah, Brooke Shields, model LizzyJagger, Virginia Madsen, Kate Hudson so many others who are said to be long time users of the product. Rave reviews and positive feedbacks from new users are also contributing to the Egyptian Magic Cream phenomenon.
The most compelling reason for the increasing reputation of Egyptian Magic Cream as the latest wonder beauty product is its effectiveness as an aesthetic aid. The seemingly endless positive reviews on Egyptian Magic Cream range from making the skin soft and smooth, eliminating wrinkles, rejuvenating the skin to make someone appear to be decades younger, to soothing serious skin diseases such as eczema and psoriasis.
Other effective uses of Egyptian Magic Cream include being a very effective moisturizer, being effectively able reduce scars and spots on the skin, a softener for nails and cuticles and a balm for insect bites. Egyptian Magic Cream can also be used to smoothen dry hair and applied all over the body to provide nourishment for the skin thereby making it an effective anti-ageing product.
One of the key factors to the effectiveness of Egyptian Magic Cream is that it is made of 100% all-natural, organic ingredients. Since all the ingredients that make up this remarkable product are obtained from living organisms, Egyptian Magic Cream can be used without fear of developing any adverse effects which is more than can be said about other products.
The main base of Egyptian Magic Cream is olive oil

As mentioned before, the Egyptian magic cream is a 100% natural skin care product that makes use of natural ingredients obtained from living organisms and plants. Because of the presence of only natural ingredients, this product can be used safely without having the fear of any side effects which are usually common with other chemical products.
The main ingredient of the Egyptian magic cream happens to be olive oil which is easily absorbed into the skin and helps in getting rid of eczema (a type of inflammation of the skin), and soothes dry and irritated skin. Olive oil acts by moisturizing and softening the affected skin. Olive oil also contains vitamin E which is an important factor for healthy and proper skin.
Another ingredient of the Egyptian magic cream is beeswax which softens and soothes the skin by holding in moisture. It also has anti- bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties and hence when applied on the skin, it acts as a protective layer that keeps the skin safe from external and environmental irritants.
Bee propolis is yet another ingredient in the Egyptian magic cream that is active against skin injuries like cuts and scars and also skin irritations. Furthermore this product is made from royal jelly which is a honey bee secretion used for feeding the larvae and the adult queen bee. It is also rich in several essential vitamins such as vitamin A, vitamin B5, vitamin B6, vitamin C, vitamin D, and vitamin E. This ingredient also contains elements that have anti –aging properties.
Bee pollen and honey are the other two ingredients of the Egyptian magic cream. Bee pollen is useful in offering relief to several skin diseases and it also helps to improve the appearance of the skin. Honey has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.
When compared to other similar products, the Egyptian magic cream is probably the one that has been widely liked and accepted by many people including several celebrities. It can be used on all skin types and not only is it good for treating skin conditions, but it also improves the skin completion and is effective against scars, stretch marks, and dry hair. Based on the reviews, this is a “must-have? beauty and skin care product.

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