What is the Egyptian Magic All-Purpose Skin Healing Cream?

What used to be a tightly guarded beauty secret among Hollywood celebrities is fast gaining popularity through internet forums and social networking websites. The Egyptian Magic Cream, said to be used since the time of ancient Egyptian Pharaohs, is the latest beauty craze as its seemingly endless health and beauty benefits continue to amaze both experts and users alike.

The mystique and growing fame of Egyptian Magic Cream can be attributed to Hollywood celebrities like Madonna, Oprah, Brooke Shields, model Lizzy Jagger, Virginia Madsen, Kate Hudson so many others who are said to be long time users of the product. Rave reviews and positive feedbacks from new users are also contributing to the Egyptian Magic Cream phenomenon.

The most compelling reason for the increasing reputation of Egyptian Magic Cream as the latest wonder beauty product is its effectiveness as an aesthetic aid. The seemingly endless positive reviews on Egyptian Magic Cream range from making the skin soft and smooth, eliminating wrinkles, rejuvenating the skin to make someone appear to be decades younger, to soothing serious skin diseases such as eczema and psoriasis.

Other effective uses of Egyptian Magic Cream include being a very effective moisturizer, being effectively able reduce scars and spots on the skin, a softener for nails and cuticles and a balm for insect bites. Egyptian Magic Cream can also be used to smooth dry hair and applied all over the body to provide nourishment for the skin thereby making it an effective anti-ageing product.

One of the key factors to the effectiveness of Egyptian Magic Cream is that it is made of 100% all-natural, organic ingredients. Since all the ingredients that make up this remarkable product are obtained from living organisms, Egyptian Magic Cream can be used without fear of developing any adverse effects which is more than can be said about other products.

The main base of Egyptian Magic Cream is olive oil. Having the quality of being easily absorbed through the skin, olive oil is an ideal organic skin moisturizer as it soothes dry and irritated skin. It contains vitamin E, known to retard ageing and helps in keeping the skin looking young and supple. Olive oil also does wonders in getting rid of eczema.



Egyptian Magic Cream Benifits

Skin Care Moisturizer & Beauty Cream

People often start using Egyptian Magic to solve a skin problem such as a rash or burn or scar, and then continue using it as a skin moisturizer and as an anti-wrinkle skin care cream. We find that using it twice a day does wonders for creating soft, smooth skin. And this, of course, is one of the key reasons Egyptian Magic is so popular among the fashion and movie industry as a beauty cream for face and skin care.

Healing Burns & Treating Cuts and Scrapes

Many of our customers keep an extra jar of Egyptian Magic in their first aid kit exclusively as a treatment for burns, scrapes, skin irritations and the like. Since Egyptian Magic will stay fresh indefinitely, you can store it for an extended period of time without concern for it losing effectiveness.

Healing Scars

Many of our customers have commented on Egyptian Magic’s “magical” ability to heal scars. Although we don’t recommended it for older scars, Egyptian Magic can indeed work wonders to heal relatively recent scars and skin discolorations. Egyptian Magic is popular among many plastic surgeons, who recommend it to their patients for accelerating the healing of plastic surgery scars.

Natural Hair Conditioner

For many of our customers, one of the most delightful discoveries is how beneficial Egyptian Magic can be as a moisturizing hair conditioner – either on a regular basis or as a conditioning hot pack. Egyptian Magic’s all-natural ingredients will restore luster to your hair and replenish its natural oils. Here is an article in People Magazine about how actor Carlos Barnard uses it for hair care, and here is a great testimonial from Lena of London about using Egyptian Magic to control the “frizzies.”

Eczema & Psoriasis Treatment

We find that about one-third of our customers discover Egyptian Magic after looking to natural alternatives to commercial moisturizing creams as a treatment for eczema and psoriasis. Though different in nature, both of these conditions can often be treated by the twice-daily application of a moisturizing cream, according to several authorities. All-natural Egyptian Magic is an ideal choice.

Skin Rash Cream

Egyptian Magic is reported to work well in treating all kinds of rashes, including allergic reactions to drugs, chemicals, environmental irritants and insect bites; skin irritants, such as nickel or other metals; heat rash, irritation from clothing, rashes during pregnancy, and so on..

Let us know how you use Egyptian Magic...

We learn of new uses for Egyptian Magic from our customers all the time, and we share this information on the testimonial page, which helps everyone. We’d love to hear from you — just email us and let us know how you are using Egyptian Magic, “The People’s Choice.”

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