To our Valued Customers,

It is with our deep regret to announce that effective today, January 29, 2019, the product EGYPTIAN MAGIC CREAM will no longer be carried by this website, either to be marketed or sold in any form. In the many years that we were the exclusive distributor of the said product, we were able to add to its success in the market. In addition, we were also the first one to get the trademark usage in the country, duly corresponded and approved with Egyptian Magic LLC company before other sub distributors engaged in its reselling even without our consent as the holder of its exclusivity. However, due to some circumstances, both parties have agreed to part ways. In the coming days, we will also be taking down any marketing materials we have invested into in any form, in any other site. Indeed, it is sad that our efforts of marketing for so many years will end today. But rest assured that we will still provide you with excellent products. We thank all of you who supported us for so many years. God Bless you all.

Yumei Mise Manufacturing and Merchandise Inc.